I'm Stubborn, Child Free by Choice, an Entertainment Manager, A Cigarette Smoker, Addicted to Music, Caring, Loving, Loyal, Trustworthy, Brutally Honest, Bubbly, Addictive, Mysterious, Spiritual, A Scorpio, A Daydreamer, Magnetic, LOUD, A Social Drinker, Fussy, Rebellious, Co-Operative, Cheerful, Determined, Indecisive, An Analyzer, A Proud Aunt, A God Mother, Non-Traditional, Addicted to Tattoos, Impatient, Considerate, Gentle Hearted, Sensible and the Queen of MY Castle. I am against; Illicit Drugs, Violence of any kind (Especially against Animals and Children) The Illuminati and New World Order. I Don't Like; Liars, Inequality, Injustice, Aggressiveness, Big Ego's, Vanity, Control Freaks, Sexism or Thieves.

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My body is ready…


I just saw a KFC commercial in which three guys are talking about how awesome a sandwich is, in which they said the following…

- My sister tried it and she turned into a boy.


- If this sandwich wanted to kiss my girlfriend, I’d let it.

… yea, KFC, go fuck yourself.

I view sex as an art. It should be passionate and beautiful. It should not be messy or careless. - (via dramaticir0ny)